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Enigma Verte premium French absinthe


70 cl 72% abv (144 proof)

Gold, Absinthe Masters 2011

Enigma Verte is an outstanding, unfiltered premium absinthe made from a combination of aromatic herbs and plants, including grande and petite wormwood, anise, fennel and hyssop. It uses a grape-base alcohol and is bottled at 72°, in order to hold its natural green colour and present its aromas to the fullest.

Made by following the distillery’s own technique of distilling each plant separately, blending the resulting full alcohol distillates and then finishing with an ‘esprit vert’ (‘green spirit’ – a natural maceration of additional plants in grape spirits, including veronica, a.k.a.’speedwell’ – adding tea-like aromas) which is mixed in during the final colouring stage of production. It louches beautifully, and is complex and intense. Sure to please those who are searching for a spicy, yet traditional absinthe.

“This is a pale olive green. Intense, with that dustiness, but also chamomile tea, fennel. The louche is slow and mysterious, the green fairy awakening, out comes sage, Japanese green tea, and angelica. Complex, yet elusive. Things are slightly floaty, but it’s hard to say if it is the alcohol or the fairy at work.” David Broom, Wine Spectator

Colour: A vibrant peridot green
Louche: a nice build, leading to a well formed, deep louche with hints of yellow and white
Aroma: Lots of anise, but this time around, I can pick up fennel, veronica, and alpine wormwood. Hints of green tea as well.
Flavour/Mouthfeel: Mouth-coating without being too thick. Anise at the forefront, with a nice wormwood ‘cleansing effect’. The numbing effect that was very evident in the previous version has been tamed quite markedly.
Finish: Over-steeped tea (in a good way) and anise morph into a pleasant wormwood dryness. Much more pleasant than the previous version.
Overall: A great mid-range, everyday type absinthe. Enjoyable in the traditional drip preparation, and also in cocktails. – Brian Robinson, Wormwood Society

Absinthe Masters Gold Medal